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Peter McLaughlin

Managing Director & Founder - Pete started emobix in January 2010 with Joseph to develop technology for the mobile markets. The goal was to develop cool mobile products which you really enjoy using - an emotive mobile experience. Pete has been fortunate enough to work on numerous leading-edge software and consumer device technologies - the exciting stuff - for over 25 years in various roles from Software Engineer to Chief Architect. This has given the opportunity for a lot of world travel and technical collaborations with many of the top consumer electronics companies, bringing an invaluable understanding of working with different cultures and markets.

Joseph Heenan

Technical Director & Founder - Joseph co-founded emobix with Pete in 2010.  

Mary Clayton

Developer Extraordinaire - Mary joined emobix in 2012 to work on the Collabra project doing android clients. She previously worked with some other members of the team developing office fileviewer software for mobiles and has a number of years experience in mobile and embedded development.

Yukko Heenan

Office admin

Alan Smillie

Developer Extraordinaire - Alan started working for emobix in November 2014 as a mobile developer working on android, iOS and WindowsPhone. He has a long history in mobile and embedded software development.