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Train delayed again?


Don't be frustrated...

It's Payback Time with ClaimBack!

The smart new compensation app from emobix

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Frustrated that your ScotRail train has been cancelled or delayed? We'll try to help you get some money back!

Let's face it - we've unfortunately all been victims of late-running or even cancelled trains. What most people don't know is that you may be due compensation. Train operators are governed by Terms of Service, and if you are subjected to more than a 30 minute delay to your journey, you may well be entitled to some compensation - a fact which is not well advertised.

Even if you are entitled to compensation, the whole process of applying can be time consuming and laborious and may put most people off even trying. What's the solution?


ClaimBack - the easy to use app for iPhone, developed by emobix, takes away all the hassle of requesting the compensation you're due. Simply enter your journey details, provide a photo of your ticket and let ClaimBack do the rest. Even better, it is completely FREE!

ClaimBack provides an easy to use UI and some handy features:

    • Easily Create and Submit claims
    • Integrated ticket capture using the phone's camera
    • Store claims for future reference
    • Automatic station listings
    • Live services status
    • Hints and tips for claim submissions


Download ClaimBack FREE today and take something positive from those unfortunate delays. 



* ClaimBack is free to use, but your telecoms provider may charge for mobile data usage according to your price plan.

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