Internet of Things
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Technology is a wonderful thing.

The advent of affordable smart, connected devices has changed the way we live our lives both in the home and on the move.

We have been working on ideas for Smart Connected Devices - in the home, office and on the move - a goal which has been lurking around since the days of Home Gateway in the 1990s. Now we have the underlying infrastructure to make that a reality - making the Internet of Things.


Access to information, devices and services is at an unprecedented level and we are bombarded with a relentless stream of bigger, better, faster devices on a daily basis to satisfy our hunger for more of the digital world. Our ability to find and consume digital content has never been better.

That all sounds fantastic, but the reality for most people is far from Utopian.

At emobix we understand what real life is like with today's smart devices, networks and services for most people. Once you take the tech-savvy out of the equation you have a large percentage of the population making do with a fraction of the capabilities notionally available to them. Whether it's "standards compliant" devices which comply but don't co-operate, or useful-looking devices which are either too difficult to configure or too painful to use - many of the more advanced products we see are not particularly user-oriented. We believe there's a great opportunity to improve the whole digital experience for everyone and to make devices which just work together.

Intuitive. Obvious. Easy. It Just Works.

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