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emobix - Smart Technology!

If you're looking for mobile applications, from simple forms apps to complex custom engineering, you've come to the right place. From digital transformation to bespoke embedded, mobile and desktops apps we can help you connect and transform your business, whatever the platform.

We have decades of experience building software for everything from iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone to dedicated consumer devices. Wifi-enabled cameras, intelligent communications devices, industrial and enterprise apps, or verticals including fintech, healthcare and media - we have the knowledge to simplify and enable your digital world.

Delivering your goals can be a substantial task, but we believe that with the right people and the right work environment you can achieve great things. We have put together a great team with an enviable range of skills and experience and that is key to our success.

We are a small, focussed company (and proud of it!), but we are ambitious and take a global perspective on what we do. We're also keen to work with other like-minded companies and encourage more collaborative ventures.

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