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Stop Marketing and Sales Calls -...

The Brief: Want to stop  sales and marketing calls, automated messages and silent calls. The Solution: emobix created the solution - CallMaster - made for you. What we did: We designed and built the hardware and mobile apps for the product in house.


The Brief: Design and develop an ultra-high resolution ruggedised panoramic camera with wifi acces, storage and touchscreen control for military and 3d-survey use. The Solution: We developed a compact, ruggedised camera with full networking support, 50MP spherical capture, onboard touchscreen and remote tablet UI for control and image viewing. What we did: We designed and developed the camera...

Hospital Foodie

The Brief: Newcastle University and The Glasgow School Of Art wanted to develop a user-oriented system to manage nutritional intake and monitoring for elderly patients in hospitals and care homes. The Solution: We worked with the client to design an initial prototype for user feedback and promotion, followed by a multi-station bedside nutrition system and nurses/consultants stations for ward...


The Brief: Our client wanted a mobile media player application on iOS to integrate with online music stores in Asia. The Solution: We developed a full-featured music player application. What we did: We developed a music player with media control, music library management, album art and lyrics. The application also used low-level audio interfaces to implement graphic equaliser features.  


The Brief: Our client is a marine survey company in the Oil&Gas sector. They wanted a Power Array Control & Monitoring System for a new EM-based survey technology being developed in-house. The Solution: We analysed their requirements and designed a distributed system providing control and monitoring of power and safety devices located around the vessel. What we did: We developed a multi user...


The Brief: Our client wanted mobile applications for a distributed collaborative meeting system with whiteboarding and video conferencing. The Solution: iOS and Android applications delivering secure meeting login, collaborative document and whiteboard editing and video conferencing. What we did: We designed and developed applications for Apple iPhone and iPad devices along with Android tablets...