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emobix completes development of first "Internet of Me" product

4 February 2015 - Glasgow, UK
emobix limited (UK) announce completion of development of CallMaster, the initial product in their "Internet of Me" range of technologies.

CallMaster is a small standalone device which connects to your phoneline and identifies CallerID information before the phone rings. The device broadcasts the Caller ID data on your local ethernet network so that PC/Mac and mobile clients can display it on screen via alerts. You can also stores names to identify regular callers, define 'quiet times' and flag unwanted calls, so that the device can refuse them before the phone even rings - no more nuisance calls!


CallMaster has an intuitive touchscreen interface on mobile devices and familiar UI on PC/Mac to allow you to control CallMaster with ease. No need to remember a confusing list of key sequences to enter on your phone! CallMaster has been designed to make review and management of callers straightforward for anyone, from shiftworkers trying to get some sleep during the day to elderly relatives trying to avoid worrying, repetitive calls from telemarketers.


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