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Let's talk

Need assistance with your enterprise mobile application/software development?

Do you have a desktop or mobile software project idea and need to find a capable enthusiastic team to deliver it?

emobix have the skills to handle your bespoke developments, working autonomously based on your requirements or collaborating as part of your own development team. We have decades of experience running and working with multi-site, multi-cultural projects and have developed a number of effective working techniques which help manage distributed projects.

Our team have broad skills in digital media, networking and net technologies and over 20 years experience developing for embedded devices, mobile phones, smartphones and tablets with clients in Europe, US, Korea and Japan.

Whether you are looking for Desktop project on Windows or Linux, smartphone projects on iOS or Android or other embedded OS/RTOS we can help. Our past projects have included a number of platforms and architectures and we have in-house ARM expertise which is essential for many of today's smart devices.

We can operate as design lead / main contractor on your outsourced projects, or work with you to integrate with your teams - get in touch with us on our Contact Us page for a friendly, constructive discussion about how we can help.