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offer-10pc 10% off App Development costs!

emobix are delighted to offer users of our claimback application 10% off our usual rates for application development. We're a small Glaswegian team who specialise in mobile applications and would love to help you out, whether it's upgrading an existing app or a brand new idea you have.


Please give us a call on 0141 221 8449 or drop us an email, mentioning the ad to get your discount.



Offer valid on new contracts signed off before April 30th 2014


About ClaimBack


ClaimBack came about because several of us at emobix were getting frustrated at the number of cancellations and delays on ScotRail services last year. A bit of investigation reveal that in many cases we could get compensation from ScotRail (something we were totally unaware of, and I bet we're not the only ones). Further digging revealed that in many cases a simple email to ScotRail was enough to get compensation vouchers sent out to us.1


The 'Eureka!' moment of "we could do an app to help other people do this" then occurred, and having just taken on an apprentice this seemed like a perfect task to use to help him learn Objective-C, iOS, Xcode and everything else you need to know to develop iOS apps.


Our hope is that as well as saving people a bit of money/time, if more people are claiming compensation then that increases the incentives for ScotRail to run a better service, as it costs them real money if they don't. Our ultimate hope is that you never need to use our app!


 To try get a bit of compensation for our time spend developing the app, we've put Apple iAds in - but we've kept it to a single fixed ad, and don't try any tricks to get you to accidentally click the ad so we hope that's okay with you.


1 It seems for delays and cancellations where you didn't abandon your journey, ScotRail would just send out vouchers in response to a carefully crafted email, without needing us to send them the physical tickets. For refunds when you did abandon your journey, they seem to insist you send the physical tickets or take them to a ticket office.