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Everybody likes a bargain, and what better bargain than some totally free fun and games?


Here at emobix we are fond of a bit of fun, so here are some tasty morsels for you to enjoy at your leisure. We'll be adding more goodies so come back and see us and hopefully we'll keep that smile on your face!

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It's the aftermath of a freak accident on a distant nuclear plant - an entire planet is on the brink of destruction! The burning nuclear core is overheating - do you have what it takes to extinguish the fire before it's too late?

Put out the fire in each area, avoiding the malfunctioning service droids, enemy robots & security installations! Collect as many power-ups & bonus items as you can along the way, or see if you can beat the 'Elite' time challenges!

Are you skilled enough to battle through more than 20 action packed missions & save planet Allum in this devious Retro-styled shoot-em-up?