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Technical Director & Founder - Joseph co-founded emobix with Pete in 2010.


Joseph says: I spent my early years in Coventry - like many in my generation, I cut my teeth programming on the BBC Micro and then the Acorn Archimedes, writing ARM assembler well before it became the in thing. I quickly decided polishing my C skills would be a better use of my time, and after starting a degree at Warwick University then took a year out working at GPT where I spent most of my time writing BASIC code for the Psion 3c to allow BT engineers to interrogate & control the KiloStream exchange kit. Very much state of the art at the time and I'm pretty certain BT will still be using those very same Psions today...


Post university, I somehow ended up back working on RISC OS (or, if you want to get technical, NCOS, the cutdown version designed for 'Network Computers'), working on the Oregano web browser and somehow ended up leading the whole team. Unfortunately NCOS was not to be, but Oregano later shipped as the browser on the Playstation 2.


I then got a call from a rather pushy HR lady telling me about this fantastic startup company in Glasgow, who refused to reveal any details as to what the company's software actually did. She persisted on and off for a few months and eventually I agreed to fly up to Glasgow and see what they were upto, and was left speechless when they showed me the demos. Long story short, I moved to Glasgow and started trying to turn some of those demos into real shipping software. As usual, that process was a lot harder than it sounds, but some early successes allowed Picsel to gain traction and it went through a fairly typical VC funded boom and bust. Along the way I acquired a house, a wife and a couple of cats.


The bust was the spur to start emobix, and since then my focus has mostly been on iPhone and iPad development with some bits of Android too. I led the Collabra and myPlayer projects, both of which proved to be an awful lot of fun.