Mary Clayton
mobile apps | software | design services
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Developer Extraordinaire - Mary joined emobix in 2012 to work on the Collabra project doing android clients. She previously worked with some other members of the team developing office fileviewer software for mobiles and has a number of years experience in mobile and embedded development.

Mary says:

I have been involved with the development of mobile device UIs, frameworks and applications since the days of 4-line LCD text displays and the Millennium Bug panic. At emobix I mainly work on Android (including JNI support) and sometimes iOS applications, but also have experience of Symbian, winCE, PalmOS, Windows and Linux programming with lashings and lashings of platform independent C. I like trying out my conversational German, especially if the subject is food. I like cooking, bringing cakes into the office, watching odd (and old) movies, and dancing round the living room to loud rock.